About Us

The Toronto Construction Association (TCA) is one of Canada’s oldest and largest associations of Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) practitioners with over 1,800 member companies across the GTA, 2017 marks our 150th Anniversary!

Who we are

Since our humble beginning as the General Builders Society in 1867, TCA has been committed to promoting and upholding the highest standards of industry professionalism and has grown to become the uniting voice of Toronto’s ICI industry. Our mission is to create opportunities for our members to grow their individual businesses and build connections with other ICI practitioners to help boost the growth and quality of Toronto’s construction industry as a whole.

As we begin our next 150 years serving the Toronto construction industry, we need to confront challenges in this fast-paced changing world in real time as they happen - and we will! That is our promise.

We are Proudly Supporting Members every day.

What we stand for


creating an equal and just playing field for our member companies to do business.

Mutual respect

building a sense of camaraderie between TCA and industry practitioners.


uniting like-minded professionals who care about the industry and want to give back to it now and see it prosper in the future.


dedicated to upholding industry professionalism by promoting honesty, integrity, information-sharing, and encouraging members and other industry players to take responsibility for their actions.

What we do

Since 1867, TCA has proudly supported our members in all facets of Toronto construction by providing them with a wide range of business and professional development opportunities, a strong industry voice and the means to help shape the industry for the better.

  • Industry Advantage

    Supporting members through up-to-date industry information, political advocacy, financial savings and more.

  • Business Opportunities

    Generating new business for our members through municipal and provincial project opportunities, workspace, job postings and more.

  • Education and Professional Development

    Contributing to industry professionalism through The Construction Institute of Canada (TCIC) courses, workshops, educational events and more.

  • Networking

    Connecting like-minded industry professionals through events, community involvement, advertising opportunities and more.

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Ethics Statement and Code of Practice

  • TCA members shall govern themselves in accordance with business practices that are founded on trust
  • TCA members will ensure that jobsite/workplace safety is first and foremost
  • Every transaction to which any member is a party shall be conducted in the interest of profiting all parties concerned
  • TCA members, as industry leaders, will avoid actions that are incompatible with the best interests of the construction industry as a whole
  • TCA members will abide by and use the recommended practices for standard contracting and bidding procedures as detailed in the CCA #29
  • TCA members shall act as good corporate citizens
  • TCA members will undertake appropriate programs to protect the environment

Moreover, TCA members commit to advancing their industry and their Association by making "Proudly Supporting Members" a promise.

For an expanded version of our Ethics Statement and Code of Practice please read more.

Strategic Plan

The purpose of our Strategic Planning Report was to capture the consensus on the direction that the Toronto Construction Association (TCA) will be taking over the next 5 years, read more.

If you have questions about the detailed Strategic Plan please feel free to contact John Mollenhauer at