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Our Pathways

Looking to search TCIC's current course offerings? Interested in courses that are Gold Seal Certified? TCA's education arm, The Construction Institute of Canada (TCIC) has designed a new pathways program to help you expand your career in the construction industry.

We are the only organization in Canada outside of a college or university to assemble courses into a logical pathway that will lead you toward an overall goal of success in your life-long learning - all of our course offerings are by the industry and for the industry!

What makes our pathways program better?

We offer: In-class interactive management courses and self-directed e-learning courses that have all been assembled into a three tiered system to move you from topics broad in nature like Construction 101 to narrow topics like Liens, Trusts and Bonds; refining deployable and actionable outcomes as you progress through each stage. All you have to do is simply identify your stakeholder group and follow the path electives, start at Level 100 or wherever you choose to enter, and let the pathway guide you toward your goal. Of course any mandatory training required by Gold Seal or other organizations, are clearly identified for your selection as needed.

View / Download our Learning Pathways Brochure

What you get after completing each level of TCIC’s Pathways Program?

There are three levels in each of the learning paths:
Level 100 (Novice)
Level 200 (Intermediate)
Level 300 (Advanced)

As you complete each of the above levels you will receive a TCIC Pathways certificate indicating the Level that you have completed as well as the total Gold Seal credits you have accumulated.

Once you have completed all three levels of a learning path you will receive a TCIC Pathway Certificate of Completion which will indicate the total amount of Gold Seal credits you have achieved as part the learning pathway.

Cancellation Policy

Participants are eligible for a full refund on courses if and only if they cancel with written notice a minimum of 5 business days in advance of the course start date. (Weekends are excluded)

Any non-refundable amounts will be credited towards the future purchase of our educational offerings within the same calendar year. No exceptions.