Mandate/Ethics Statement & Code of Practice

TCA's mandate, when it was formed in 1867, was to promote the highest possible standard of professionalism for its stakeholders. That mandate remains unchanged. However, the industry has become infinitely more complicated during the last 140 plus years, and the scope and diversity of our services has grown to ensure we adequately service the entire ICI sector in the greater Toronto area.

TCA's Long Range Strategic Plan
Constitutional Mandate

  1. TCA members shall govern themselves in accordance with business practices that are founded on trust:
    • Be a leader of character - become your word
    • Honour all contractual obligations
    • Conduct all business with integrity
    • Promote the use of CCA/CCDC Standard Contract Documents
    • Commit to working together to resolve issues and disputes in a manner that is fair to all parties involved
    • Treat industry colleagues with respect and fairness
    • Establish a relationship of cooperation between all parties
  2. TCA members will ensure that jobsite/workplace safety is first and foremost:
    • Develop and implement an occupational health and safety plan (company or site-specific) and communicate it to each employee and every visitor to the site
    • Provide appropriate training and supervision for employees
    • Ensure that health & safety policies and regulations are in place on all projects and that such policies are well communicated to all personnel
  3. Every transaction to which any member is a party shall be conducted in the interest of profiting all parties concerned:
    • Understand that our goal is that all members are "partners in profit" - a good contract is one where all parties are given the opportunity to prosper under the contract
    • Ensure that you have the necessary level of competency to complete the work as defined by the contract
    • Uphold the principle of appropriate compensation for services provided
    • All parties to a contract shall ensure that an appropriate level of planning and coordination is carried out on a project
    • "Just say NO to bad deals"
  4. TCA members, as industry leaders, will avoid actions that are incompatible with the best interests of the construction industry as a whole:
    • Refrain from bid-rigging, bid-shopping and bid-peddling
    • Respect ownership of property
    • Be proactive in the elimination of unethical practices
    • Conduct all business in accordance with the highest industry standard and in a manner which will not bring disrepute to the construction industry. Provide the best in quality of work in conformity with applicable building codes, regulations, and laws
    • Refrain from activities that involve a conflict of interest
    • Avoid verbal agreements - put it in writing every time
  5. TCA members will abide by and use the recommended practices for standard contracting and bidding procedures as detailed in the CCA #29:
    • Uphold the confidentiality of the tendering process at all levels
    • Promote the practice of awarding bids in compliance with criteria set out in tendering documents
    • Sign contract documents expeditiously
    • Seek tenders only from competent bidders and do not solicit tenders or quotations you do not intend to use
  6. TCA members shall act as good corporate citizens:
    • In all projects and related business, members shall consider the best interests of the community
    • Support equal opportunity hiring and pay practices
    • Support and promote TCA's Crime Stoppers program
    • Adhere to all municipal, provincial and federal legislation that s applicable to the member's business operations
    • Deal justly with employees, customers, suppliers, consultants, and contractors
    • Actively participate in and promote industry and community associations
  7. TCA members will undertake appropriate programs to protect the environment:
    • Know and comply with all environmental rules and regulations
    • Reduce, reuse and recycle
    • Promote cooperation with owners, consultants, governments and others to minimize negative environmental impact
    • Where available, use products or processes that are environmentally friendly
  8. Moreover, TCA members commit to advancing their industry and their Association by making "Members Supporting Members" a standard operational procedure:
    • Promote and support your Association and its members
    • Refer business to your fellow members
    • Encourage volunteerism in order to achieve the benefits from TCA's networking opportunities
    • Understand that TCA membership is based on the principles of honour, respect and character

Breaches of the Code of Ethics shall be dealt with in accordance with the provisions of the Association's by-laws.