Decarbonization of Buildings through Geothermal Energy: How Municipalities can Take Advantage of District Heating to Electrify Buildings

    • November 21, 202312:00 PM - 12:45 PM (local time)
  • Online Webex

Curious about transitioning our spaces away from fossil-fuel-dependent heating and cooling systems towards a renewable energy source?

Consider a geothermal exchange system that uses the Earth’s underground constant temperature as a thermal battery – the most sustainable, and readily available, independent energy source available today.

Join Subterra Renewables to learn more about the geothermal utility system it engineers, installs and operates. A case study review will break down how its network of underground closed-loop thermal pipes captures, stores, and exchanges the Earth’s energy to heat and cool our homes, buildings, and district communities. Lower energy consumption, lower utility bills, lower carbon emissions – higher chances of securing a path to Net-Zero!Schedule:

  • Company Overview
  • Technology Overview
  • Services Overview 
  • Case Study
  • Questions

Timing 20 minutes + Q & A (45 Mins total)

Presenter: Jessica Rowe-Bald

Organization: Subterra Renewables


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City of Toronto - Better Buildings Partnership Team


Registration deadline: November 21, 2023.