• June 8, 202311:00 AM - 2:45 PM (local time)
  • Online

Reality capture is altering the way builders get things done, and the story is just beginning. Join us at Waypoint 2023, our virtual customer summit, where we’ll share the next chapter: how the latest advancements in 360° reality capture and AI fundamentally simplify coordination between field and VDC teams.

The event includes: Sessions with the OpenSpace team, top OpenSpace customers, and industry leaders for insights, best practices, and a host of new product announcements. In-depth discussions of how to keep reality and the model in sync, unlock the unrealized potential of BIM, and make it easier for field and VDC teams to work shoulder-to-shoulder to get the job done.

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Disclaimer: This is an event hosted by a TCA member company. TCA is not responsible, not liable for any reason, nor are they endorsing this third-party event.

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Dai Davis


Registration deadline: June 8, 2023.