T. Harris Environmental Management Inc

June 2018 TCA Green Ambassador

T. Harris Environmental Management Inc.

T. Harris Environmental Management Inc.

T. Harris Environmental Management Inc. (THEM) is committed to responsible stewardship of the environment. THEM’s goal is to minimize environmental impact, conduct efficient use of the resources we consume, and conserve natural resources for future generations. The below table lists sustainability initiatives THEM has incorporated for the office, while conducting inspections, and beyond the workplace.

ResponsibilitiesSustainability Initiatives Incorporated
  • Purchase green products such as staple-less staplers and pens that can be refilled repeatedly rather than sent to a landfill.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of products where there are no green alternatives, such as, rubber bands.
  • Recycle used office supplies used computers, and ink and toner cartridges, whenever possible.
  • Save paper by not printing whenever possible and print on both sides of a sheet of paper whenever possible.
  • Turn off computers and lights in rooms when not in use.
  • Continue to educate staff on new sustainable/green guidelines
Conducting Inspections
  • Shut off vehicle engine while waiting.
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of bottled water and disposal cups.
  • Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible.
  • Recycle field supplies whenever possible.
  • Clean up solid waste whenever possible.
  • Reduce paper use through the use of digital products (tablets) whenever possible.
Employee’s Lifestyle Beyond the Workplace
  • Encourage employees to engage on sustainability outside the workplace, through the sharing of ideas, setting challenges, and tracking personal performance on sustainability goals using the various social media platforms.
  • Support key decision-makers on new sustainable/green guidelines as well as participate in community green initiatives whenever possible.