Modern Niagara

April 2018 TCA Green Ambassador

Modern Niagara

Modern Niagara

Modern Niagara is a national leader in mechanical and electrical contracting and building services and controls. For more than 50 years we have offered a substantial resource base, deep project management expertise, and financial stability. Our Mechanical, Electrical, Building Services, and Building Controls divisions work together to turn common issues with building health and operation into high-performing solutions.

At Modern Niagara, we are a professional and environmentally conscious organization and we acknowledge the impact that our operations could have on the environment. To ensure that we make the environment, and in turn sustainability, a priority, we adhere to an Environment Policy and consistently seek opportunities to source sustainable, long-term solutions for our clients.

We make sure our work exceeds industry standards. Our work is performed in accordance with the Provincial Refrigeration Code of Practice. Ozone Depletion Prevention (ODP) training is provided on an annual basis and Modern Niagara respects the Federal Halocarbon Regulations (FHR).

As active supporters and/or members of ASHRAE, BOMA, MCA, CaGBC, CABA, and Better Buildings Breakfasts, Modern Niagara shares technological innovations and stays on top of change within the industry. We apply this knowledge to the work we do.

We stay up to date. We identify and promote current energy rebate programs offered through utility companies to our clients.

  • We want building owners to benefit from demand-based environmental controls, efficient systems, and end user-controlled comfort.
  • We implement high-efficiency boilers, chillers, and rooftop units, and upgrade lighting and thermostats.
  • We work to incorporate high-efficiency LED technology for intelligent user-controlled lighting.

We practice what we preach. We recently renovated our own Modern Niagara Ottawa offices. Rather than like-for-like retrofits, the office upgrade included advanced technology to improve energy efficiency and reduce overall energy consumption. The upgrades included:

  • High efficiency rooftop air handling units
  • LED lighting including occupancy sensing, dimming and daylight harvesting
  • Fully integrated building and lighting controls, including energy efficient sequences of operation
  • Multiple electrical power supplies were consolidated to reduce monthly hydro service charges
  • Programmable thermostats were installed in our sheet metal shop and warehouse. Unoccupied set-backs have been scheduled to reduce gas consumption. The costs for this upgrade (stats, labour and material) were fully covered through an Enbridge incentive program.

In addition, the installation is used as a showcase to demonstrate the advantages of Unified Building Controls (controlling mechanical and lighting controls from one central location) to potential clients and engineers.

We make buildings work.